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Accredited Centres

Definition of Accredited Centres

hand icon Definition of Accredited Centres

hand icon Procedure and Application Process (Flow Chart)

hand icon Guide and Checklist for Accreditation

hand icon Search for Accreditation Centre

hand icon NOSS Information Exchange Register

hand icon Accreditation Centre - Accreditation Prior To Achievement (PB-PPT)

hand icon Implementation Guidelines and Requirements of Certified AC Under Malaysian Skills Certification System 2012

hand icon Guide and Application Review of International Accreditation Centres

hand icon Documents for Accreditation Assessment Panels Skills Program

hand icon Guidelines for the Implementation of Training Programs for Single-Level Certification (Single Tier) 

hand icon Checklist for the Application of Training Programs for Single- Level Certification (Single Tier) 

hand icon The implementation period for the program of skills training using the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) and the new Malaysian Skills Certification System Based Credit

hand icon Implementation guide e-Training Program

hand icon Guidelines and Conditions of Malaysian Skills Certification System for the International Coach In The Country 

hand icon Implementation Monitoring Guide Training under the Malaysian Skills Certification System through the accreditation system in 2015

hand icon Implementation Guidelines and Additional Terms for the Accreditation of Accredited Centres for Plantation and Palm Plantation Mechanisation 


Latest Info on Accredited Centres

icon info Accreditation Guidance Programme 2017 New icons 60

icon info Information of GST

icon info  Notification regarding cancellation of JPK / P4 (1003) New NOSS Amendment 5

icon info  To all Private Accredited Centres (PB) Registered with the Department of Skills Development (JPK)

icon info   Holds Accreditation Application Program for Sports Coaching Program (ET-001-3: 2012)

icon info   Freezing of Programme Accreditation Requests for the Plastic Production Operations Progamme ( MC-100-3:2012)

icon info   Special exception on the Implementation Period For Training Programmes Sub Sector Under the new Tourist Guides


New Process for the Registration of Malaysian Skills Certification Trainees 2016 

hand icon Announcement on Student Registration and Student Capacity in JPK 

hand icon Trainee Registration Flow Chart 2016 V1  New icons 60

hand icon Trainee Registration Checklist 2015 V1 New icons 60

hand icon Declaration Form of the Trainee Registration 1.1  New icons 60

hand icon Application Form - Capacity Increase 

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