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Objectives, Mission and Vision of PMO Division

Objectives Division

1. Analyse training development plans, research reports, evaluations, policy analysis, data analysis, reviews and answers on issues of skills training to meet the needs of policy-makers in a timely manner;

2. Raise/Enhance levels of competency and competitiveness of skilled workers through skills competitions;

3. Mainstream skills training with the implementation of national awareness campaigns using the SkillsMalaysia brand;

4. Monitor the quality of the implementation of Malaysian Skills Certification System through the enforcement of the National Skills Development Act [Act 652];

5. Provide the latest/current data and skills training information , accurate and true to the period of time agreed upon, and

6. Deliver answers, reviews and feedback promptly with regard to skills training issues that require the attention and action of policy and decision makers.


Mission Division

To develop skilled human resources who are competitive


Vision Division

Lead the development and coordination of a skilled human resource policy.

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