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How to apply for recognition through this method?

Industrial workerswho are interested in getting recognitionfor all the experience and skills they possess, may fill the Recognition of Prior Achievement Application Form (PPT) [JPK/PPT/1001 (P1)] which can be printed Each application must be submitted to the Director General of Skills of Development together with other supporting documents namely:

a) The Recognition of Prior Achievement Application Form (PPT) [JPK/PPT/1001 (P1)] duly completed;

b) The application fee;

c) A copy of the applicant’s NRIC;

d) Letter of confirmation from the employer stating duration of working experience in related skills;

e) Copy of the highest SKM obtained (if any), and

f) Other relevant documents.


Application by PPT method shall be submitted to the JPK at the following address:

Director General
Department of Skills Development
Level 7 & 8, Block D4, ComplexD,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
(Attention: Director MOSQ)


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