Malaysian Occupational Skills Qualification Divison (MOSQ)

The Malaysian Occupational Skills Qualification (MOSQ) is divided into two (2) sections : -

A) Accreditation Section

    1.  Managing Accreditation For Training Centers that will Conduct Skills Training Programs Based On National 
         Occupational Skills Standards.

         i.  Process accreditation applications for accredited centers and skills programs for Levels 1, 2, 3, DKM and DLKM.

        ii.  Processing applications for the implementation of international trainee recruitment.

    2. Managing the Quality Assurance Control of the Accreditation System at an Accredited Center in Executing Related 
        Responsibilities Supply, Administration and Quality Maintenance of the Malaysian Skills Certification System.

         i.  Operating the Malaysian Skills Certification System through monitoring the implementation of skills training.

               a) Manage trainee registration through accreditation methods.

               b)  Manage the control of Certification Quality Assurance System at accredited centers i.e. Coursework, Final 
                    Assessment, Final Project and Industrial Training.

               c)  Menguruskan proses verifikasi Pegawai Pengesah Luaran melalui sistem pentauliahan pusat bertauliah 
                    dan menganalisa laporan verifikasi Pegawai Pengesah Luaran (PPL).                                      

              d)  Manage the issuance of Certificates through the accreditation method.

              e)  Manage travel claims and PPL allowances.

         ii.  Manage and operate the SPKM National Certification Scheme (national skills test management) for Non-Destructive 
             Testing (NDT) program.

              a)  Conduct the evaluation activities of NDT examination candidates (new candidates, repeat candidates and re-
                   certification candidates) at the appointed examination centers until the issuance of examination mark slips.

              b)  Handles the issuance of SKM Certificates for new certification applications, certification renewals (every 5 years) and 
                   re-certification (10 years) and lost / damaged / imprint certificate applications.

B) Previous Achievement Recognition Section (PPT)

    i.   Registration & OperationsUnit PPT1
    ii.  Operations Unit  PPT 2
    iii. Certification & Operations Unit  PPT 3

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