Enforcement and Monitoring Division

This Division has been given responsibility to ensure skills training providers or accredited centres maintain the quality of Malaysian Skills Certification System implementation so that the TVET graduates produced by them meet the requirements from the industries.

Furthermore, this Division responsible to lead the implementation of Single TVET Rating under 11th Malaysia Plan (RMKe-11). The Single TVET Rating will be continued in 12th Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12). This Division accountable to manage, plan and carry out the Single TVET Rating exercises which are implemented by various TVET agencies in Malaysia

1) Enforcement Unit
   i.  Implement the Enforcement of the National Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652) as well as the Regulations made under this Act;
    ii.  Conduct any investigation under Act 652;
    iii. Acting on suspension or revocation of accreditation certificate un
    iv. Manage appeals under the paragraphs 25(a), 27(2)(a) or section 29 of Act 652;
    v.  Prepare investigation papers for the purpose of offenses and penalties or regulations under Act 652;
    vi. Prepare investigation papers for the purpose of compounding offenses under Act 652;
    vii Ensuring understanding of Act 652 among staff and the public;
    viii. Plan and manage any course related to the needs of the Inspector or Enforcement Officer; and
    ix. Any activities related to Act 652.


2) Inspection Unit
    i.  Conduct inspections and monitoring of Skills Training Providers or Accredited Centers to ensure that the National Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652) and regulations made under Act 652 are complied with;
    ii.  Conduct inspections and monitoring on Accredited Centers to ensure Standards and quality are maintained;
    iii. Carry out inspection, monitoring and regulation of advertising of the Malaysian Skills Certification System by the Accredited Centers and relevant parties in accordance with the provisions of Act 652;
    iv. Manage the Act 652 Action Committee meetings;
    v.  Any inspection related activities; and
    vi. Implement Star Rating of Certified Program.


3) Customer Service Unit
    i.  Manage the customer service affair, provide advice, provide advice, guidance and consultation services to customers;
    ii.  Manage and supervise inquiries and suggestions;
    iii. Manage, supervise and ensure that all public complaints are answered within the stipulated period;
    iv. Manage the department's public relations matters.

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