Frequently Asked Question NOSS

 National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS)

 1.    What is the difference between the NOSS register and NOSS?
    The NOSS register is a list of all NOSS in five (5) main sectors (manufacturing, agriculture, service, transportation and mining), while NOSS is a document that outlines the competencies that should be possessed by an employee in a field of employment and the path to achieve these skills.
 2.   How may I obtain NOSS?
    NOSS may be obtained at the JPK office at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya or by mail application. Each NOSS CD costs RM20.00 and paid for by Money Order / Bank Draft / Purchase Order (LO), payable to the  ‘Ketua Pengarah Pembangunan Kemahiran’
3.   What can be done if some skills are not yet provided in NOSS, but are found to be very much needed?
    Proposals for developing NOSS may be officially carried out by completing the JPK/NOSS/1008, NOSS DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL FORM, available on the JPK Website.
4.   Does NOSS have a list of tools, equipment and materials needed as information for accredited centres, before making an application for accreditation of a programme.
    Yes, the list can be viewed on the assignment profile or at the Competency Unit.
5.   My Accredited Centre has been approved to conduct skills programmes for specific NOSS, but after two months of accreditation there was a change in the NOSS code. What should my centre do?
  1. Continue to implement the training based on the old NOSS. However, ensure that the last date for the training does not extend beyond the expiry date of accreditation. If this happens, the trainee group concerned is required to follow the new NOSS-based programme and the Accredited Centre must apply for accreditation for the new NOSS
  2. If no candidates are being trained yet, the Accredited Centre may apply for accreditation to use the new NOSS





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