Frequently Asked Question Certificate


 1.   What action is to be taken if the SKM certificate is lost?
    In the event of loss of the certificate, please fill the JPK/S/PERSIJILAN/01 Form available from the JPK website and submit the following documents (ORIGINAL) to obtain a copy of SKM: 
  1. Statutory Declaration - JPK/U/1022 may be used (can be taken at JPK counter) 
  2. Letter of Reference from Institute/Copy of Certificate/Cumulative Assessment Record/Portfolio 
  3. Payment of RM55.00 for each certificate in the form of a bank draft payable to Ketua Pengarah Pembangunan Kemahiran
(Note: Information regarding lost certificates is found at website under the link “certificate”).
 2.   What are the benefits of complying with Malaysia Skills Certification?
    Recognized by industries in Malaysia; provides an attractive path for career and personal development comparable to the career path based on academic qualifications and able to produce skilled workers who are trained and qualified to enhance the country’s competitiveness in the world market.
3.   What is the structure of Malaysia Skills Certification?
    Divided into 5 Levels as follows:
  • Malaysia Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 1
  • Malaysia Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 2
  • Malaysia Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3
  • Malaysia Skills Diploma (DKM) Level 4
  • Malaysia Advanced Skills Diploma (DLKM) Level 5
4.   How do I obtain Malaysia Skills Certification?
    There are 3 ways:
  • Training at recognized training institutions (Accredited Centres)
  • Training through industries in the National Dual Training System (SLDN)
  • Through the Accreditation of Prior Achievement Method (PPT).
5.   What action should be taken if I have not received the certificate from the Accredited Centre which has been closed down?
    Please submit an official letter to the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and attach proof of attendance of training at the Accredited Centre together with the portfolio.
6.   Which form should be used for SKM issuance application?
    Please use JPK/P3 /T1003 form.
7.   How do I apply for a PPL visit?
    You must apply to the Department of Skills Development at least one month before the date of the PPL visit. Applicants should send a name list of the prospective trainees to be verified. The relevant form (List of Candidates for PPL Verification Form) may be downloaded from the website under the link “download form”
8.   What is the registration fee for an international candidate?
    RM200/person for each level of skills.
9.   For DKM & DLKM certification, should the required project be one that will be implemented, being implemented or which has been implemented?
    The project that will be implemented.
10.   Is it a must for DKM & DLKM certification that the required project must meet at least 80% of the competencies outlined in NOSS?
    Not 80% but at least 25% of the principal competencies in NOSS.
11.   I have a Basic Level SKM. Can I attend training for SKM Level 2 without obtaining SKM Level 1?
    Yes, you may on condition that the application is for the same skills. Basic Level SKM is considered equivalent to SKM Level 1.



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