Frequently Asked Question NDTS

 National Dual Training System (NDTS)

 1.   What is meant by National Dual Training System (SLDN)?
    Please get the answers and see all questions about SLDN at
 2.   How do I apply to for the SLDN programme?
  • Regularly check intake advertisements on the JPK or SLDN Training Centre website or in the mainstream press.
  • Apply by following the intake instructions/methods stated.
  • Wait for an offer letter from the implementer if your application is successful.
3.   I have completed my SLDN training but have yet to receive the certificate. Who do I have to contact?
    Check with the officer responsible to ascertain whether the certificate is still in the process of printing, has already been posted or is in the process of being delivered to the customer.
4.   What is the registration fee for SLDN apprentices?
    The registration fee to be paid to JPK is RM100.00
5.   What are the necessary conditions to qualify for the SLDN porgramme?
    In general, the conditions are:
  • Malaysian citizen.
  • Literate in Malay or English
  • Aged between 16 – 40 years at the time of application
Note: However, some companies place some additional conditions according to their needs.
6.   What is the total payment for the training programme under NDTS?
    No payment is required, except for registration, which may be imposed by the company. In fact, in the SLDN, apprentices will get a training allowance given by the company or the government through specific training schemes.
7.   What is the allowance given to trainers who run the special NDTS?
    RM300 per month.
8.   How do I apply to be a NDTS accredited centre?
    Submit an application using the JPK/SLDN/DI01 form for SLDN Training Centre and JPK/SLDN/DSO1 form for SLDN companies, which may be downloaded from the JPK website.
9.   What is the process that needs to be carried out for the implementation of the NDTS final examination?
  1. The Training Centre appoints the setters for the examination questions.
  2. The Training Centre/Company submits the JPK/SLDN/PO3 form to JPK together with 2 sets of theory and practical question papers in softcopy 2 months before the date of the examination.


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