Division Of Planning, Research & Development (PPP)


Division Of Planning, Research & Development (PPP) is divided into 3 units:-

1. Planning Unit

i. Plan, enact and implement amendments to the Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652);
ii. Plan, enact and amend the Regulations under the Skills Development Act 2006 (Act 652);
iii. Manage the Department's participation in international programs;
iv. Manage the preparation of parliamentary feedback;
v. Manage the preparation of feedback related to skills training policies;
vi. Prepare Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report for YB Minister, Secretary General (KSU) and Director General of Skills Development (KPPK);
vii. Coordinate the Department's Business Plan achievement report;
viii. Secretariat of the National Skills Development Council (MPKK) Meeting;
ix. Plan and manage the Department's Strategic Planning Group (KPS);
x. Secretariat of the promotion process based on Criteria of Excellence (KC) for Vocational Training Officer / Assistant Vocational Training Officer (PLV / PPLV) Scheme;
xi. Secretariat of Joint Technical Committee (JTC), Single Quality Assurance System for TVET Meeting; and
xii. Monitor the implementation of Outcome-Based Budget (OBB).

2. Development Unit

i. Coordinate the development budget of the Department;
ii. Coordinate and monitor project implementation under the Department's Development Budget;
iii. Coordinate outcome evaluation for Department development projects under the Malaysia Plan; and
iv. Prepare performance report of Development Budget expenditure for Department.


C. Research Unit

i. Manage and monitor activities related to skills training studies;
a) Implementation of internal and external studies; and
b) Management of the Study Committee Meeting which includes:
• Research Team Committee Meeting;
• Research Technical Committee Meeting; and
• Research Steering Committee Meeting.
ii. Manage periodic data by channeling data information required by external agencies such as ILMIA, KPM, MIDA, KSM and MAMPU;
iii. Manage and monitor the preparation of the Department's Q-Fact;
iv. Secretariat of Department Data and Statistics Committee Meetings; and
v. Manage and monitor usage of knowledge bank system for the Department.

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