Project Monitoring Office (PMO) Division

The Project Monitoring Office (PMO) Division is divided into 3 units : -

1) Skills Competition Unit

    i.  Manage and coordinate the Malaysian Skills Competition Council;
    ii. Organize and manage the WorldSkills Malaysia Youth Competition (WSMB) jointly with Ministry of Works (KKR);
    iii. Organize and manage the WorldSkills Malaysia Instructor Competition (WSMP);
    iv. Manage the training of participants and Malaysia's participation in the ASEAN Skills Competition (ASC);
    v.  Manage the training of Malaysian participants and participation in the WorldSkills Competition (WSC); and
    iv. Coordinate other relevant skills competitions.


2) Promotion Unit

To plan and carry out promotional activities and awareness campaigns on the Malaysian Skills Certification System (SPKM) through the SkillsMalaysia 2.0 brand to school students, IPT students, teachers, parents, employers, employees, industry players and all walks of life. The implementation of the promotional program is as follows:

    i.  Roadshows, exhibitions and carnivals
    ii. Organizing national and international seminars and conferences.
    iii. Promotion through print media, electronic media, social media and outdoor advertisements
    vi. Coordination of materials and promotional requirements of the Department.


3) Information Management Unit

The main role of the Information Management Unit includes aspects of management, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of existing online systems, developing and updating the JPK portal, as well as controlling technical operations and ensuring the entire JPK service delivery system is implemented efficiently and effectively. The role and responsibilities of the Information Management Unit will be expanded in line with the implementation and use of MySPIKE officially to all stakeholders JPK.

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